WoW gold is the most needed form of currency in Twinstar’s Kronos 3 Private WoW Server. Kronos 3 is the newest Classic (version 1.12 Vanilla) World of Warcraft realm for the Pservers community. There was a huge success with the previous Kronos releases, where thousands of gold coins were made and sold – Kronos 1 and Kronos 2 were merged into a single Kronos server, which is now way past the Classic Naxxramas.

Kronos WoW Timeline

From what we can see, Twinstar really favors March as their month for doing Classic WoW updates and releases.

  • Kronos I was released in march 2015
  • Kronos II was released in April 2016, welcoming refugees from Nostalrius
  • Kronos I & II were merged into a single Kronos realm in March 2017.
  • Kronos III releases on 31th March 2018.

Kronos 3 Patch Timeline

Kronos III will repeat the original KR1 experience (which mimics that of Blizzard) and will follow an 18 month patch schedule / release. From their website:

  1. March 2018 – Serve release
  2. May 2018 – Molten Core & Onyxia
  3. June 2018 – Dire Maul, Azuregos, Kazzak
  4. July 2018 – Elemental Invasion
  5. August 2018 – Alterac Valley
  6. September 2018 – Black Wing Lair, Darkmoon Faire
  7. October 2018 – Silithus
  8. November 2018 – Dungeon set 0.5 Release
  9. December 2018 – Dragons of Nightmare
  10. January 2019 – Zul’Gurub 20 Man Raid Instance
  11. February 2019 – The Argent Dawn
  12. March 2019 – The Ahn’Qiraj Warr Effort
  13. April 2019 – Ahn’Qiraj 20 and 40 man raid instances
  14. July 2019 – The Scourge Invasion
  15. August 2019 – Naxxramas

Kronos III Gold Farming Areas, Guides & Sweet Spots

The Gold Coins Caravan

This is a very short summary for Kronos3 gold farming spots: Dire Maul (especially books and enchants), Black Rock Depths, Un’Goro Cratter (Devilsaur Leather), Farming Elementals (especially in Silithus), Farming Elite Mobs in Tyr’s Hands. Herbalism for Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage and Black Lotus which are needed for raiding flasks (each one sells for 100+g / flask). Skinning and Leatherworking for the Devilsaurs and the Devilsaurs set in Un’goro Cratter, which is used by Rogues, Hunters, DPS Warriors and Feral Druids alike, it is a BiS (Best in Slot) item, preraid Set.

Kronos 3 Leveling Tips

Unlike the future expansions like Wrath of the Lich King and onwards to Cataclysm, WoD, MoP and the latest legion, you will have a hard time leveling 1-60 by doing only instances. The instances are fine only when you have a chain of like 4-5 quests to complete. You should follow your questing areas and look for green-yellow labeled quests in the log, try to evade the red because you will loose time. Check this webpage for help: Kronos 3 Powerleveling

Easy Way to Get a Lot of Gold and Level 40 (60% speed mount)

Not everyone condones such method, but perhaps the easiest way to obtain gold for Kronos 3 is by buying it. Why would you spend your money on game currency? Well, try to think about this way: Playing the game is entertaining, and provides you with a feeling of pleasure. Farming for gold is tiresome and boring. If your job pays you enough, it’s just like spending money for a service or like going to the cinema – example given, someone else is doing the lamesome job for you. You can purchase Kronos III Gold on V7Gaming.